Monday, June 17, 2019

The dream to become a Manager

Hiren hails from Jharkheda village, in Madhya Pradesh's Sehore district. He has completed education till 10th grade through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) with the support of Pratham's program for children with disabilities. We met him in Bhopal in 2017 when NIOS had organised a drawing competition, and Hiren was one of the participants.


Hiren acquired polio when he was very young, and his future became a matter of concern for his family members. His parents work as daily wage labourers, and hence, the family has always faced the problem of earning a minimum income. Hiren tried to help them in his own capacity but nurtured a dream since a very young age. He wanted to become a manager. The idea of an office, a table and a chair always excited him. That was his idea of a manager.

Hiren attended the government school in his village and studied till 9th grade. However, in a tragic turn of events, his elder brother passed away, and Hiren had to bear the responsibility of the family. Unable to cope up with this pressure, Hiren failed in class, and lost confidence in further pursuing education. He remained out of school for the next five years until Pratham's team members approached him and his family and updated them about the program. He was assigned a home tutor facility, and Deshraj Ahirwar was appointed as his tutor. 

Deshraj Ahirwar

The partnership of Hiren and Deshraj was very productive and helpful for the former. Hiren not only enjoyed learning but also got back to drawing and painting, a hobby he had developed since childhood. Deshraj and the entire team of Pratham encouraged Hiren to draw and paint, and hence he could participate in the competition at Bhopal. His parents were also happy about the home tutor facility, as they believe that education will transform Hiren's life and eventually, the family's lifestyle.
As we appreciated Hiren's painting and asked him about his plans ahead, he reiterated his dream of becoming a manager. He passed the 10th-grade examination in 2018, and we are sure he will accomplish his goal one day. 

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