Friday, November 18, 2016

Celebrating Children's Day in Shimla

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

The “International Lavi Trade Fair”, the biggest commercial Fair held at Rampur, Shimla concluded early this week. The fair is organized every year to celebrate the glorious, social cultural economic history and legacy of Himachal Pradesh via an exhibition of quality products of the region.

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

What was more remarkable and unique this year was the Children’s Stall in which the District Administration of Shimla showcased PRERNA, a program launched to provide quality education to primary school children of the district in collaboration with District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Shimla and Pratham Education Foundation. Hon’ble Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Devrat visited the stall and was all praise.

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

 From the materials displayed visitors got to know the core purpose of Prerna, to identify the gaps in primary education, steps and processes to implement the same, expected outcomes post implementation and the impact of such programs.  PRERNA stands for Program for Result Enhancement, Resource Nurturing and Assessment.

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

The stall was dived into 3 sections. The first corner was the testing corner where 260 children were tested on basic language (Hindi and English) and Mathematics in front of their parents. Report cards were also given to the parents on the basis of results.

The second corner was on Reading where children were provided interesting and colorful books to read.

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

The third was drawing activity corner in which children were provided drawing sheets, crayons & other materials and encouraged to draw things as per their ch oice. On Children’s Day, there were special arrangements for participation where children were given colors, pens and story books as gifts.

Children's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham IndiaChildren's day, Shimla, Blog for Pratham India

Children participated in all activities with great enthusiasm. The parents also appreciated the stall and the activities that were being executed there. The testing of basic language and Math was something which they found very valuable.  Most of the visitors pointed out that it was for the first time that a stall was set up especially for children.

The stall was a key attraction for visitors especially children as well as their parents during its 4 days and got special attention of children on 14th November i.e. Children’s Day.  


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